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Our Professional Tree Services

Tree Pruning

At DeVore's Arbor Care, we are proud to offer the highest-quality tree pruning services in Upstate SC. Pruning is an essential step in proper tree care and can improve the health of trees, promote better flowering and fruit production, increase air circulation, and even increase the aesthetics of the tree. Our tree pruning specialists are trained to know exactly what type of pruning and trimming will bring out the best in your trees, helping them stay healthier and more beautiful. We specialize in selective pruning and thinning that takes into account the age and condition of the tree, so you can be sure your tree is being treated with the best possible care. With years of experience in tree care, DeVore's Arbor Care can guarantee quality workmanship and provide lasting results.

Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal in Upstate SC, DeVore's Arbor Care is the go-to team for all your needs. Established in 2012, we provide top-of-the-line service to all our customers, ensuring they receive the best quality results every time. Their team of professionals uses the most up-to-date equipment and advanced methods available, ensuring every tree is removed with care and precision. In addition, DeVore's Arbor Care always considers the safety of our customers and the surrounding environment when completing their projects.

Our team understands that tree removal can often be tricky and, therefore, offers a comprehensive package that caters to all kinds of requirements. We understand that each project is unique and requires different attention, which is why we always take the time to thoroughly assess the job and come up with the best solution possible. And with years of experience and numerous successful projects, DeVore's Arbor Care is the clear choice when it comes to tree removal in Upstate SC.

Stump Grinding

At DeVore's Arbor Care, we provide professional stump grinding services in Upstate SC. Stump grinding is an essential part of yard maintenance, and we have the right equipment and skills to do the job quickly and safely. Our expert technicians will carefully grind away stumps promptly to create a more inviting outdoor space for you. With the proper use of our machines, we can also improve soil quality and ensure healthy root systems for existing plants and trees.

We are also passionate about environmental stewardship and understand that any landscaping service must also promote healthy land usage. This is why our team is committed to environmentally friendly techniques, using minimal soil disturbance, reducing runoff, and monitoring erosion. Whether you’re looking for regular trimming and care for your outdoor plants or need stump grinding services in Upstate SC, DeVore’s Arbor Care is your best choice. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Storm Cleanup

Storms are an ever-present threat in Upstate SC. When storms roll in, it's important to be prepared. The last thing a homeowner needs is the mess and damage of fallen limbs, debris, and damaged structures. This is why the expert team at DeVore's Arbor Care offers professional storm cleanup in Upstate SC.

DeVore's Arbor Care is the best choice for all your storm cleanup needs in Upstate SC. Our team is fully trained and certified in tree and shrub maintenance and removal, meaning that our storm cleanup is comprehensive and safe. We understand that it's vital to ensure all debris is safely removed and any damaged trees or shrubs are appropriately attended to. With our quick and reliable storm cleanup, you can be sure your property will remain safe and intact in the face of any future storms.

Cabling and Bracing

Certain growth patterns in trees can be an indication for supplemental support systems. DeVore’s Arbor Care works with customers to help them make informed decisions that best meet their goals. We can help you decide whether a risky tree should be removed or if its potential for failure can be mitigated through pruning and/or the installation of a cable or bracing rod. We follow ANSI A-300 standards to properly install all our hardware. Support systems can often provide a reasonable alternative to removal. They can save homeowners from costly removals and allow for more years of enjoyment from formerly risky trees.

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